The Acre Brothers

Dirty and Pretty. Classic and New. Rock and Roll.

The Band



Singer/guitarist/songwriter Nathan Dillon the bandleader for The Acre Brothers. He is also the Director of the music education company Everybody Rocks, with classes in Chicagoland and southern Indiana. He attended Indiana University and Brooklyn Conservatory for guitar (before running off and joining the circus). 



Chuck Wills plays guitar in The Acre Brothers as well as with other artists including the singer/songwriter Cari Ray. Chuck also runs the nonprofit Whole Notes, which brings healing sounds to those who need it. 



Mardi Raun lives in Bloomington, IN. He has played numerous forms of music. He is a multi-instrumentalist focusing on the bass in The Acre Brothers. He is also a repository of funk lore. 



Kristin Olson is a drummer, percussionist and educator in the Bloomington area. She is a recent recipient of a Masters Degree in persuasion from the IU Jacobs School of Music, focusing on Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion as well as drum set. She is simply the best drummer you've ever heard.