The Acre Brothers

Dirty and Pretty. Classic and New. Rock and Roll.


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Dirty and Pretty. Classic and New. Rock and Roll.


The Acre Brothers: The Elevator Pitch

The Acre Brothers are a rock and roll band from southern Indiana. They released their first EP of original music in 2016. The EP is called So Many Roads and combines many styles and moods and reflects on escaping problems and facing demons. Additionally, The Acre Brothers opened the GnawBrew Arts Festival in 2016 and the Square Roots Festival in Chicago in 2017. Their debut EP was reviewed favorably in several regional and national music publications. The Acre Brothers' first full length album entitled "Brothers and Sisters" will be out in 2018. 

The Acre Brothers: A Short History

The Acre Brothers began in 2014, with members located in Chicago, Cincinnati and southern Indiana. Founding members Ben Cole, Nathan Dillon and Mardi Raun created a gritty, rock sound that has evolved to include various flavors of Americana as well as sounds as diverse North Africa and the Middle East. "We seek to blend familiar American sounds with sounds you might not expect" says primary songwriter Nathan Dillon. Once Dillon relocated from Chicago to Bloomington, Indiana the group began writing, performing and recording in earnest.  In 2017 Dillon took over singing duties from Ben Cole and the group got to work on their full length album. "Bringing so many talented people in to help us has been a blessing." says bassist Mardi Raun. 2018 looks to be a busy year for the band: music by members Dillon and drummer Kristin Olson will be featured in the Pigasus Pictures feature film "Miss White Light" and their new album, "Brothers and Sisters" is creating buzz among industry insiders. 

So Many Roads - The Acre Brothers' first EP: An Overview

In 2016, The Acre Brothers released their first EP of original music. The record, called So Many Roads, was  recorded at Farm Fresh Studios in Bloomington, Indiana and produced by Nathan Dillon and Sam Crawford. The song Cowboys opens the EP with strummed acoustic guitar and builds into a wall of sound by the end. "Cowboys is the first song that came out pretty much complete all at once. It was almost a magic experience to write that song. I love it" says songwriter Nathan. The second song, She, is about a young woman breaking out and setting off on her own and on her own terms. Beat That Path is a crowd favorite with it's "hillbilly funk" groove. The Line is another rocker. It serves as a reminder that, while one might want to leave, often problems follow us. The last song, Rolling River, is a story set on the banks of the Ohio River. "Many of my songs have the Ohio running through them. The Ohio is a part of me" says Dillon.  So Many Roads represents a band coming into its own: guitar driven, vocally dynamic, lovingly crafted ROCK AND ROLL.

So Many Roads Track by Track

  1. Cowboys - dreamlike and acoustic builds to wall of sound.
  2. She - a song about a young woman coming into her own.
  3. Beat That Path - "hillbilly funk" groovy song with slide guitar and Hammond organ.
  4. The Line - a rocker, warning against running from your troubles.
  5. Rolling River - a quiet, brooding acoustic song with undertones of noise.

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