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Dirty and Pretty. Classic and New. Rock and Roll.


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Dirty and Pretty. Classic and New. Rock and Roll.


The Acre Brothers: The Elevator Pitch

The Acre Brothers are a rock and roll band from southern Indiana. They released their first EP of original music in 2016. The EP is called So Many Roads and combines many styles and moods and reflects on escaping problems and facing demons. Additionally, The Acre Brothers opened the GnawBrew Arts Festival in 2016 and their EP was reviewed favorably in several regional and national music publications.

The Acre Brothers: A Short History

The Acre Brothers began playing together in 2010 but lead singer Ben Cole and guitarist and principal songwriter Nathan Dillon go back almost 20 years. "Ben went to Butler for voice and I (briefly) went to Indiana University for guitar back in the day. We always knew the other could bring the heat, it just took us a while to get a band together!" says Dillon. Once Ben and Nathan decided to start The Acre Brothers, Mardi Raun was quickly tapped to play bass. "Mardi has been a key piece of this group. He brings an encyclopedic knowledge of different styles of music which helps inform our sound" says Cole. Other pieces of the Acre Brothers sound have evolved over time. Recently, the additions of Kristin Olson on drums and Chuck Wills on guitars has helped solidify the overall Acre Brothers sound. "Kristin just got her Masters in Percussion from Indiana University and is amazing. She makes us sound a hundred times better. Chuck and I share similar styles, sounds and textures including slide guitar and compliment each other well. I'm excited to hear our sound mature with these great players on board" says guitarist Dillon. 

So Many Roads - The Acre Brothers' first EP: An Overview

In 2016, The Acre Brothers released their first EP of original music. The record, called So Many Roads. Recorded at Farm Fresh Studios in Bloomington, Indiana and produced by Dillon and Sam Crawford, So Many Roads shows off the depth and variety of sounds The Acre Brothers are capable of. The song Cowboys opens the EP with strummed acoustic guitar and Ben's vocal, only to build into a wall of sound by the end. "Cowboys is the first song that came out pretty much complete all at once. It was almost a magic experience to write that song. I love it" says songwriter/guitarist Nathan. The second song, She, was the only song written by both Dillon and Cole. It is about a young woman breaking out of set systems and setting off on her own and on her own terms. Beat That Path follows She and is also about escaping to some degree. It is a crowd favorite with it's "hillbilly funk" groove. The Line is another rocker. It serves as a reminder that, while one might want to leave, often problems follow us. The last song, Rolling River, almost didn't get recorded. "We were really rolling in the studio and had tracked basic tracks for five songs (one song didn't make the album) and I had almost forgotten about recording Rolling River. We came back from lunch and Sam had it all set up to record. We did it in one take, maybe two. I was really happy how it turned out with the dark piano and the bass drum weaving in and out with the over-driven guitars" says Dillon.  So Many Roads represents a band coming into its own: guitar driven, vocally dynamic, lovingly crafted ROCK AND ROLL.

So Many Roads Track by Track

  1. Cowboys - dreamlike and acoustic builds to wall of sound.
  2. She - a song about a young woman coming into her own.
  3. Beat That Path - "hillbilly funk" groovy song with slide guitar and Hammond organ.
  4. The Line - a rocker, warning against running from your troubles.
  5. Rolling River - a quiet, brooding acoustic song with undertones of noise.

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what people are saying about The Acre Brothers:


"A rich sound with good lyrical content that capably captures different grooves of rock, soul and Americana." 

Brother William Morris - The Soul Kitchen on WFIU


“So Many Roads” is filled with music that will take you on an inspirational journey that will have you meandering the back roads of southern America as your mind wanders on a journey to Memphis’ Beale Street on down to the muddy waters of Mississippi or the French Quarter of New Orleans. There is not one song on “So Many Roads” that sounds like the other.

Jason Evans - Music Matters Magazine

Read the full article and interview here.


I first heard Nathan Dillon while sharing a songwriters night. I was immediately struck by his unique melodic take and slide guitar playing. He approaches the parts more like a songwriter than a guitar player; the parts he plays are never for their own sake and seem always in service to the song. Listening to the new EP from The Acre Brothers has only amplified my initial experience of these songs, literally and figuratively. 

Cari Ray - Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller

The Acre Brothers deliver a sound that is at once rock and bombast, simplicity and soul. The satisfying fullness of the guitar, underpinned by a firm and committed beat ground the unexpected but welcome lighter, sweet vocal. Music that allows you down a myriad of paths depending what path you're on....good stuff.

Jenna Murfin - Manager of Artist Engagement, The Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago)

"The Acre Brothers do not disappoint with their EP "So Many Roads." The record sounds like homegrown rock n' roll, but with a polished finish. Each song brings it's own vibe.The vocals, the harmonizing and the excellent melody of the instruments make for the perfect record to listen to with the windows open on a warm fall day."

Suzannah Crouch - BC Democrat



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